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Ferdi works in a monster breeding lab, but they evolve rather quickly and have taken over
His boss wants him to kill them all, except for a few breeds.
Each section shows the goal breed and the number
You must have the exact number, and kill the other monsters
Don't worry, they can't hurt you


Menu: Use left & right to pick a level
Press Enter or Space to play it.
Press ESC to go back to the menu if you get stuck.
A tick appears when you beat a level

Moving: Use the arrow keys, and space to 'un-naturally select' who lives or dies.
Yes, that's supposed to be a sword in his hand

Monsters: will occasionally follow you, but they also like to wander around or try to mate with another monster.
When 2 monsters mate, the new born monster will have a combination of its parent's features
These monsters have no gender
Kill monsters with undesireable traits so they don't mess up the gene pool

Entry Details:

Theme: Evolution
Name: Tom / Madcoretom
Source Code:
Subversion: The URL is
Timelapse: Coming soon.. Contact: Email tom(AT)madcoretom(DOT)com


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